Spread on cinnamon toast, it's heavenly. French toast, too. And for an extra-rich ham and cheese, add a thin layer of apple-butter, and put the sandwich under the broiler.
Apple butter captures all the flavors of fall in a jar. It also makes a great, inexpensive homemade gift for the holidays. Heidi and Carolina created a version that's easy to make at home. Here's the link.


granny's apple-honey butter

Something changes in September, doesn't it?

September is one long goodbye to summer: one last barbeque, one last jump in the pool, one last corn on the cob, lobster and key lime pie dinner. Because the leaves are starting to change and it's getting cold.

September is the end of something, but it's the start of something else.

In the Jewish calendar, September marks the beginning of the new year. It's celebrated by dipping apples in honey. Theapple symbolizes the roundness of the earth and the continuity of life, and the honey adds a little sweetness.

In order to wish you a sweet and happy new year, cmbsweets has taken those apples and honey out for a little spin. We've gone into the archives and dug up bubbe's ancient apple butter recipe. We’ve gathered up some gravensteins and granny smiths and fujis and galas and jonagolds from Sonoma County and mixed them all with a little bit of honey and spice.

The result? A smooth apple-honey butter that’s like little apple pie for your morning toast. Or lunch, if you dream of things like ciabatta and black forest ham.

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