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Remember your book club?
The one you joined for astute literary discussion, perhaps. Or maybe it was the promise of good wine and good conversation.
Don’t give into false hope and empty promises. Join the Jam of the Month Club instead.
Join cmbsweetsJam of the Month Club and get a new jar of delicious homemade jam delivered to your breakfast table every month. Flavors vary with the season. You might get a jar of apricot jam in May, an olallieberry in June and some fig-sesame spread in August. 
Kelly is a Jam of the Month Club member.

“ I just got my first jar of jam last week and finished it in TWO DAYS! I have never finished a jar of jam. Seriously. It was sooo good!"

— kelly, 27, san francisco photo rep




So this is how it works: you sign up, and we'll send out the first shipment right away. One 8oz jar a month, the latest and greatest from cmbsweets right away . Your next delivery will go out on the 1st day of the following month, and so on and so on. If you’re giving a gift subscription, we’ll include a love letter from you (or get well wishes or a birthday greeting or a happy anniversary or whatever) and a ‘Welcome to the Jam of the Month Club’ note along with the first month’s delivery.

Total cost? A little bit less than $13 a month to sign up anywhere else in the continental US. Unfortunately, we can't send jam to a P.O. Box. Or Alaska or Hawaii. That price includes all shipping and delivery charges.

You must sign up for at least three months at a time. Payment is by check (made out to cmbsweets), by PayPal (just send the required amount to jamgir l*at* cmbsweets.com), or by credit card.

If you have any further questions, email us. We’re at jomc * at *cmbsweets.com.

Spread the love.

Buy a Jam of the Month Club membership for yourself. And another for everyone else in your book club.

Trust me, it’s much more fun than the Celestine Prophesy.


what's in store this month?

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