cmbsweets' zingy kiwi-lime-ginger preserves won't just zap you from sleep over breakfast. It also makes for a fabulous chicken dinner.

Just ask Sarah.

“My girlfriend mixed the kiwi-lime-ginger preserves with teriyaki sauce on some chicken and seriously, it was the best chicken I've ever eaten!! Last night she put the same sauce on eggplant and other vegetables.. mmmm!”

--Sarah, San Francisco QA Engineer

Can't wait to get to the store? Have a jar delivered fresh to your doorstep.


kiwi-lime-ginger preserves

In 1934, on a small farm in the central valley town of Chico, the USDA began experimenting with a Chinese vine they called the gooseberry.

They peeled and plucked and prodded, and still, none of the bureaucrat farmers could makes sense of the little brown fruit. Useless, they declared, and shipped the the vine off to the Pacific backwaters.

Much to his dismay, the natives loved it!

“ Those foolish gringos,” the natives laughed, “Lurking beneath this hairy brown peel is a tart little green wonderland."

Green with envy, the gringos demanded their darned vine back. Back and forth the argument went, the gringos vs. the kiwis.

The kiwis won, but California was smart enough to hold on to a few of those clippings. And lucky for us.

California's kiwi crop grows best in the southern valleys near Los Angeles, down in Butte and Kern counties. That's where ours come from. We scoop out the kiwi's green flesh and add just a drop of sugar. Cook it up with a little bit of lime and some fresh ginger to create a jam with zest and zing!

cmbsweets' kiwi-lime-ginger preserves.

Mmmmm. It's yummy for your tummy.

Order some today.

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