Really??! Raspberries!!

Scoop some over ice cream, mix it into a batch of plain yogurt. Make a tart. Or, just spread it over a baguette.



Whether Mark Twain said it or not: The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

The fog rolls around 3, stays the night and burns off around noon. It’s not just cold, it’s wet and grey. Summer in San Francisco is grey grey grey.

What’s missing is a little bit of color, don’t you think?

Close your eyes. Pretend you’re in the south of France. Or maybe just a leafy suburb outside Paris. Your backyard includes a lily pond and a Japanese bridge. Your name is Henri. You like bold colors.

Deep purple raspberry. A little bit of magenta just this side of red.

Stave off the summer-in-San-Francisco-doldrums. Set the fantasy off with a raspberry jam so richly colored that even Mr. Matisse wants a jar.
cmbsweets’ own raspberry jam. It’s whole northern California raspberries preserved in all their coastal foggy goodness, without a single trace of grey. Tart and sweet and delicious.

Don’t get stuck in the grey and fog. Grab a jar of raspberry jam. It’s sweeter on your wallet than a week’s vacation. And a whole lot tastier.

Order some now.
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